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N Square Signature Pedicure                                                               $38/35 mins
N Square Advance Pedicure                                                                 $60/50 mins

Start with rose soak, cuticle care, buffing, and shaping. Finish with 3 mins massage with organic lotion and polish application.

Non-toxic Gel Pedicure                                                                        $68/60 mins

The advance service includes all of above, and additional 10 mins hot stone massage, exfoliation.

All the features of our N Square Signature, but finish with non-toxic gel polish.

Refresh Service Pedicure                                                                    $25/20 mins
Cute Me Pedicure (under 12 years old Only)                                            $25/20 mins

A express service including shaping, cuticle pushback, organic lotion and polish application.

For 12 years and under. Includes rose soak,  shaping, and polish application.

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